Sunday, 23 February 2014

Glacier Express, St. Moritz/Davos-Zermatt (Switzerland)

The Glacier Express is offering a great experience to explore beautiful Switzerland while sitting in the train. Traveling with the train is so comfortable and relaxed. The route starts in the famous ski-region St. Moritz or the also popular Davos and ends in Zermatt. Of course, one can also choose to travel shorter distances if one wish so. 
The landscape is exceptional and just beautiful to look at. One does not only get a delicious meal at lunchtime but also earphones where multiple information is read out whenever the earphone sign appears next to the upcoming destination.
Definitely a great experience when in Switzerland.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tour Montparnasse, Paris (France)

When in Paris the typical sights are, of course, La Tour Eiffel, L'Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre and the famous shopping street Champs Elysées. But what I find a pity about those famous sights, such as the Eiffel tower is that you cannot actually see the building once you are on it. Of course the view is great but the waiting line was so unbelievably long that we decided to find an alternative and one was quickly found. 

La Tour Montparnasse was built in 1973 and is used for commercial offices. On its 56th floor there is a restaurant called Le Ciel de Paris, which means the sky of Paris. On the 59th floor, the buildings rooftop, there is a terrace from which you are able to oversee the whole city. The view is absolutely stunning and to recommendable to everyone.

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Kong, Paris (France)

Starting off with one of my favorite restaurants in Paris, Kong. It has a great view since it is situated on the very top of the building covered with a glass dome. Also it offers a great view to the Pont Neuf in front of it and the Louis Vuitton HQ on the left. The interior is very fancy and the food absolutely amazing. Before one takes his seat in the restaurant itself, one can have a drink at the bar. When we were seated by the lovely staff, we ordered a mixed plate as a starter, which was beyond delicious. As a main course I strongly recommend the duck, which was the best I ever ate. The place is very trendy considering the furnishings, the music and even the staff is dressed fashionably. Since it is always very crowded it is recommended to order a table in advance.

Definitely a place to go back to whenever I am in Paris. Not for nothing it was featured in the famous tv series "Sex and the City".

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Not all those who wander are lost...

Hi there!

My name is Annina and I am a student, born and raised in Switzerland. Since travelling is my biggest passion, I decided to start this blog to spread impressions of my favourite places, hotels, restaurants, and other secret locations all over the world. Personally, I take my inspiration from seeing different countries, cultures and people and I believe the things you witness during your travels shape your character and your approach to life.

So always remember: Not all those who wander are lost...